Todd Schiller

Software, Knowledge, and Data Engineering

Industry: I'm currently head of engineering at MOKA, a strategic advisory firm. Prior to MOKA, I was a researcher and knowledge engineer at Bridgewater Associates working with Dave Ferrucci, the former IBM Watson team lead. I have also worked at Numerix (a financial analytics company) as well as interning at Flagstone Securities (a boutique investment bank) and D. E. Shaw (a hedge fund).

Detailed information is available on LinkedIn.

Research: My research aims to improve the usability of program specification and verification tools. I have a PhD in software engineering and programming languages from the University of Washington where I worked with Michael Ernst. My PhD studies were supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, with additional support provided by a DARPA Grant.

I received my BS and MS in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis, where I worked with Aaron Stump, Yixin Chen, and Ron Cytron on dependently-typed languages, machine learning, and action planning.

Advising: I advised two master's students while at the University of Washington. Kellen Donohue graduated in June 2013 and is now at Google. Forrest Coward graduated in March 2014 and is now at Microsoft.

Service: At the University of Washington, I served two terms as Graduate Student Coordinator on the computer science Graduate Student Committee. At Washington University in St. Louis, I served as co-president of the Washington University Student Investment Fund (WUSIF) and president of the Iota Chapter of the Theta Xi Fraternity.